About three years ago I read an article about office workers who were tossing their desk chair, and working at a standing desk all day. The benefits were less back pain, and more energy. A year later I read another article about Dr. James Levine and the idea of walking 1 MPH all day on a treadmill desk. Finally I decided to give it a try and set out to build my own treadmill desk.

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My Progress

Began: May 20, 2010, Total Miles: 160.6, Weight Lost: 10.2 lbs. - Updated July 29, 2010





DIY Treadmill Desk - What Kind of Treadmill to Buy


When I decided to build my own treadmill desk I had tons of questions. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on a treadmill, get it in the office, and find that it wouldn't work. It's not something you can easily return especially if ...

How to Build Your Own Treadmill Desk


Construction Time: 4 hours Tools Needed: Skill Saw Drill, 1/4" bit, screwdriver bit Square Tape Measure Sander Screwdriver - Phillips Parts Needed: Treadmill ($300 + $100 delivery) - $400 2x8 12' untreated lumber - $12.97 Laminat...

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work on that thing all day? Yep. Rarely I stop and sit down for a phone call or to give my feet a rest but 2 weeks after I began I no longer needed breaks. How fast do you go? I like 1.3mph. I was doing 1mph but my fitbit wouldn't detec...